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Yoga Retreat (FREE) 7th-10th June 2024

In 2016, we launched the 1st free meditation and silence retreat and it has been a
huge success. Always in Autumn/Winter. Since more than a thousand people have
already had the opportunity to embark on this journey with us.
This year, we launched our first yoga retreat, which is also free, but in a different
season of the year, in Spring, very close to Summer.
This is a free retreat. The only amount to pay are the meals and accommodation.
Spaces are limited for the retreat.
In these retreats, we will show you that yoga is not just body postures. These are
essential, but there is much more than that. Yoga means Union and manifests itself as
four main paths, namely Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Rāja Yoga and Jñāna Yoga.
These four paths are like branches of a tree or tributaries of a river. They all have the
same source and resting place. In essence, they are all the same.
The only thing that differentiates them is that there is a certain aspect of the mind
involved in a certain path or practice.
In Karma Yoga the active aspect of the mind is involved, in Bhakti, the emotional side;
in Rāja, the mystical dimension; in Jñāna, the intellectual way.
In these retreats, we bring to practice all types of yoga, all dimensions of being.
Book your place now and develop your Unit with us!
We have English Translation
Facilitators: Krisztina & Rui Sebők Bizarro

About Facilitatores

Rui Sebők Bizarro
After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon
jungle of Brazil, Peru, USA and India, has been touched by different teachers, masters
and facilitators whom so much taught and facilitated his process of self-knowledge and
transformation. His intention is to share what has been experienced all over these
years and to contribute for the self-realization of the human being.
Founder of Projeto SimplesMente in 2006, a project focused on the realization of
activities related to personal and transpersonal development.
He is living in Portugal, Tomar at Quinta de São José dos Montes since 2012 developing
different areas such as Agro-Tourism, Glamping, Organic Farm, Natural Horse Riding
and Holistic Center.
· Degree in Social Psychology and Work;
. Master in Psychology of Health and Community Intervention;
· Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Grof Transpersonal Training in New
Mexico – USA
· Biodynamic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Biodynamic Breath & Trauma Release
in Pune – India

· Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator certified by the International Trance Dance in Orval –
. Leader of A.U.M. (Awerness Understanding Meditation) certified by Osho
Humaniversity School for Masters in the Netherlands
. Osho Active Meditations leader certified by Osho Meditation Facilitator Training in
Pune – India
. Leader of Meditation in Silence
. Firewalking Instructor certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Tomar Potugal
. Sweatlodge Instructor certified by Sweatlodge Keeper Training – Soul of Firewalk in
. Graduated from Rishikul Yogashala in Kerala 200 hours
. Author of Several Books (Holotropic Breathwork, Poetry, India)

Krisztina Sebők Bizarro
Collecting professional experiences as working in multinational companies responsible
for Human Resources and Organization Development, her deep interest has gradually
been turned towards Transpersonal Development.
Touched by the Sacred Medicines of the Amazon for some years, her intention became
to follow the Shamanic Way of Life to realize her highest potential as a human being,
to share and facilitate the opening of the doors of consciousness for those seeking self-
. Bachelor Degree as Behavior Analyst
. Master Degree as Work and Organization Psychologist
. Enrolled in PhD in Cognitive Anthropology
. deepWORK instructor in Budapest
. bodyART instructor in Budapest
. Firewalking Instructor certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Tomar Potugal
· Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator certified by the International Trance Dance in Mafra
. Sweatlodge Keeper certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Ericeira Potugal.

. Accredited Shamanic Practitioner – Tomar, Portugal

Comfortable clothes
Swimwear (pool or river)
Blindfold (if you have one)
Sun screen
Bottle of water (to fill)

Watch this Video about Meditation Retreats

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07 - 10 Jun 2024


17:00 - 18:00


Quinta São José dos Montes
Estrada dos Montes, Nº134 2300-087 Olalhas – Tomar


Rui Sebők Bizarro
+351 939 940 591

Other Organizers

Krisztina Sebők Bizarro