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Retreat Shamanism: Inner Truth (April 24th – 28th 2024)

Retreat Shamanism: Inner Truth
April 24th – 28th 2024

Shamanism is an ancient known spiritual path, which develops a close connection
with nature. In this way, there is a consciousness of different realms of reality
beyond the ordinary state.
In these four days we are going to experience basic shamanism techniques so that
each participant can continue to work individually or in groups.
Anyone can have access to these ancient techniques, using the sound of the drum
to transport us into the shamanic journey. We are going to experience different
states of consciousness, beyond time and space, and trough them we can obtain
information, answers and healing to our ordinary state.
What we experienced during this shamanic journeys can not be classified as right
or wrong and only each of us can integrate and interpret properly what happened.
We will have the opportunity to realize different journeys and rituals based on
ancient techniques as the Ritual Trance Dance, Shamanic Journey Drumming and
There will be some other surprises during the weekend!
This retreat has as main goals:
Connection with the Inner Wisdom
Connection with the Nature Outside
Connection with the Multidimensionality of the Human Being
Accessing to the Shamanic State of Consciousness
Accessing to the Local and the Animal Power
We have english translation for this retreat!

About Facilitatores

Rui Sebők Bizarro
After several years of learning in Portugal, Spain and other cultures as the Amazon
jungle of Brazil, Peru, USA and India, has been touched by different teachers,
masters and facilitators whom so much taught and facilitated his process of self-
knowledge and transformation. His intention is to share what has been experienced
all over these years and to contribute for the self-realization of the human being.

Founder of Projeto SimplesMente in 2006, a project focused on the realization of
activities related to personal and transpersonal development.
He is living in Portugal, Tomar at Quinta de São José dos Montes since 2012
developing different areas such as Agro-Tourism, Glamping, Organic Farm, Natural
Horse Riding and Holistic Center.
· Degree in Social Psychology and Work;
. Master in Psychology of Health and Community Intervention;
· Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Grof Transpersonal Training in New
Mexico – USA
· Biodynamic Breathwork Facilitator certified by Biodynamic Breath & Trauma
Release in Pune – India
· Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator certified by the International Trance Dance in
Orval – Belgium
. Leader of A.U.M. (Awerness Understanding Meditation) certified by Osho
Humaniversity School for Masters in the Netherlands
. Osho Active Meditations leader certified by Osho Meditation Facilitator Training in
Pune – India
. Leader of Meditation in Silence
. Firewalking Instructor certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Tomar Potugal
. Sweatlodge Instructor certified by Sweatlodge Keeper Training – Soul of Firewalk
in Potugal
. Graduated from Rishikul Yogashala in Kerala 200 hours
. Author of Several Books (Holotropic Breathwork, Poetry, India)
Krisztina Sebők Bizarro
Collecting professional experiences as working in multinational companies
responsible for Human Resources and Organization Development, her deep
interest has gradually been turned towards Transpersonal Development.
Touched by the Sacred Medicines of the Amazon for some years, her intention
became to follow the Shamanic Way of Life to realize her highest potential as a
human being, to share and facilitate the opening of the doors of consciousness for
those seeking self-realization.
. Bachelor Degree as Behavior Analyst
. Master Degree as Work and Organization Psychologist
. Enrolled in PhD in Cognitive Anthropology
. deepWORK instructor in Budapest
. bodyART instructor in Budapest
. Firewalking Instructor certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Tomar Potugal
· Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator certified by the International Trance Dance in
Mafra Portugal
. Sweatlodge Keeper certified by Firewalk Instructor Training – Soul of Firewalk in
Ericeira Potugal.

.Accredited Shamanic Practitioner – Tomar

Comfortable clothes
Swimwear (pool or river)
Blindfold (if you have one)
Sun screen

Bottle of water (to fill)
Drum and/or maraca (if you have one)
Prices of the Retreat
Prices of the Retreat (Wednesday 5pm till Sunday 5pm):
Earlybird 350€ till March 10th
This Price includes Retreat, Food and Camping
Regular price from March 11th 450€
If you don’t want to camp, choose your accommodation, asking us the prices
You need to do Pre-Registration of 50€

Quinta São José dos Montes – Tomar
It is allowed to use the pool and the river
Contacts and Info
917 935 392

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24 - 28 Apr 2024


17:00 - 18:00


Quinta São José dos Montes
Estrada dos Montes, Nº134 2300-087 Olalhas – Tomar


Rui Sebők Bizarro
+351 939 940 591

Other Organizers

Krisztina Sebők Bizarro